Thursday, 26 August 2010

Host your own webpage - Things you will need

If you would like to put a website on to the internet then you will need a hosting provider. There are a few steps involved in creating your own website; first off you will need to buy a domain name. Once you have a name for your site, there is literally hundreds of sites you can choose to register your domain name, you will need to set the DNS settings so that your domain name points to your new host.

When deciding on a hosting provider to host your own webpage , you need to take into account things such as how reliable is your host. Do they give 24 hour support; most of the top companies give live 24 hour support. Obviously you would like a cheap host, but you pay for what you get, but you can expect to pay between $7 to $10 per month.

Other things to take into consideration are how many domain names you can host on 1 account, can you have an email address associated with the account. Reputable companies also allow bulk email sending, if you decided to set up an email list.

Another important feature I think people need when deciding to host your own webpage, is the hosting interface. You need an interface that is user friendly, so that you can navigate your way around with ease.

A good point to remember also is when you choose your host, make sure that it has fantastico as one of its features, because fantastico supports wordpress, which is the most widely used platform for building your website.

Clicking on fantastico in your host once your domain name has been added, automatically sets up your basic website for you to build, very useful feature indeed. So that’s it basically, buy a domain name from a registrar, and change the dns so that it points to your new hosting company. Install wordpress through your host, using fantastico. And start building whatever you want.

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