Thursday, 26 August 2010

Host your own webpage - Steps needed

The internet is a huge place with millions and millions of web pages floating around, and maybe you think I want to do that but you’re not sure what the process is. I will try and explain the steps you need to take for that first big step into the www.

Just like in real life you need somewhere to live, so the same thing applies on the internet. So the first thing you would need is a domain name to use as an address for your new webpage. The domain name should be relevant to what you’re trying to achieve with your site, so the name should describe what you’re going to do really.

Now that you have your address, you need to build that house, and the most important thing you have to have is a good hosting provider. This is the backbone of your house, as they provide the server which will hold your domain name.

Then to finish of your house of www. You will need a platform in your house which you can build your WebPages. The most commonly used platform for you to host your own webpage is wordpress. It’s a free platform, easy to use, and it has hundreds of add ons, to enhance your site.

So that’s all you need to put your little piece of real estate on the big wide web, a domain name, a good hosting provider, and a platform such as wordpress.

I would like to point out that choosing a hosting provider you need to look at someone that is reliable, that has good live support,(the best ones have 24 hour support), they have fantastico as part of there program, because fantastico installs wordpress for you instantly, without having to deal with databases and such.

I hope my little guide helps you take that first step to host your own webpage, and join the many millions of users that already do.

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