Thursday, 26 August 2010

Host your own webpage - Its not that hard

If you would like to host your own webpage , there are a few obstacles in your way to achieving this, which I shall try to explain here.

Before you do anything you would need to think is my webpage going to be for a business, or is it just for fun? If you just want to put up a simple site to show your friends and family, then you could just use a simple platform like blogger, which is free and very easy to set up. If however you want to make your site look a bit more professional, than you would need more than a free platform like blogger.

First thing you would need is a domain name, preferably something that is related to what your webpage will be about. There are hundreds of domain name registrars out there, for you to choose the name that best suits your page. Unfortunately all the best domain names are taken, but something specific to you or your business should still be available.

Once you get that domain name for your webpage, what you will need to do next is point its name servers to your host. Now you’re thinking what’s a host? Well hosting providers have big servers, so that they can host thousands of sites on there servers, which makes it easier for you and me to put up a webpage. So you point the name server of your domain name so that it points to the hosting company, and you’re nearly ready to go.

The hosting company provides the server that will host your webpage, but your just using there space on the server, so you need a platform on which to put your webpage. The most common platform used is wordpress, which is a free platform that has literally hundreds of different options that you can use to enhance your webpage.

So that’s it choose a domain name, point it to your hosting provider, pick a platform that you can put your webpage on such as wordpress, then you’re good to go. I should point out that there is hundreds of hosting providers out there, that you can choose from. They average from around $7-$10 per month. You need to be looking for a company that has good 24 hour live chat support, a good interface which should have fantastico, which makes installing your domain name on to wordpress a breeze.

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