Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cpanel Web Hosting

When designing a website you need a good hosting provider, and once you find one that suits your needs, you should use a company that has Cpanel web hosting. So what is cpanel and why do some many people use it.
Cpanel is an easy to use interface, or graphically desirable view that lets you manage your hosting on a unix server. In other words its user friendly, so that you can navigate around the panel with ease.

When you open your hosting account you will come across your cpanel straight away, and basically it lists all the available options for managing your domain name and website. The first thing that you would need to do is add your domain name to the system. Once added you would initiate a task to create a database for your website. This is all done through your interface using a program within called fantastico.

Fantastico creates your sites database and everything else needed to start up your website. To do all this manually would be very difficult, if impossible for the novice user. Apart from creating your site there is other things you can do in cpanel.

Most businesses use a email address from there hosting and most hosting providers allow multiple emails within the account. You also have autoresponders within the cpanel, to automatically respond to any emails you receive. The cpanel also uses the file manager, which is an important feature for uploading and downloading files.

Most people would use a file transfer protocol site for uploading new themes for example, but all this is possible straight from the cpanel. Another very important feature is the ability to backup your files. imagine your host going down, or something happens to your computer, and you lose all your data. It is crucial to backup your data always, and once again you can do this with ease.

Cpanel web hosting is not for everyone but it certainly has thousands of satisfied users all over the world.
Ive been using cpanel through my hostgator account for years, and it has always made the process of adding a domain name to creating the website, a really easy practice. One thing that I may add, there is video tutorials to help you if you are completely new to all this, but even if you do get stuck, hostgator and all the major hosting companies, usually have live support.

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