Saturday, 19 December 2009

Internet Website Hosting

So you have developed your first website and you are really excited and want to show the world. What next you may ask?
Well with any site that you have developed it has to use some form of  Internet Website Hosting Basically you have to use someone elses server to upload your website to, in order for your website to go live to the world.
Dont worry its not as bad as it seems, because there are literally thousands of hosts out there.

When you start searching for a webhost solution you have to take quite a few things into consideration before deciding which host best suites your needs. Are you going to build just one website, or are you going to develop many websites. Are you going to go into this full time as a business.

Different companies provide packages to suit your needs, from the complete beginner, to the expert website designer. Typical packages for you to choose from would be a hatchling plan, where you could start of with just one domain and one website. If you are a little bit more advanced, you could try a better package where you can have unlimited domains and websites on the server. More advanced users would probably go for a business package, which is full of options such as toll free telephone numbers, unlimited domains and unlimited web space on there particular server.

How much is it going to cost you? Again this is something you need to look in to, but its not uncommon to pay around $8 per month, for good reliable Internet Website Hosting There are a lot of free hosting sites out there, but they dont provide the same customer service as a paid hosting service, basically you pay for what you get. If your website is a hobby, then maybe you can go for the free hosting sites, but more and more people today, are developing websites, with the objective of making money online, so they need a reliable hosting solution that will be there for them when they have some issues. The top hosting providers offer great support for you in many ways. There open 24 hours per day, they have live chat with an experienced operator, to help you through setting up your first website.

Many hosting companies have the option to actually buy the domain name for your website from the hosting company providing its available, which makes it a lot easier, especially if your new to hosts and building a website. If you are unfamiliar with this, if you buy a domain name from a domain name company, you have to change nameservers, so that it points to your hosting company. Little things like this, makes it all more worthwile just to start off with a reputable hosting provider, which goes through all the processes for you.

Another thing to take in to consideration is the interface of the hosting provider. The easiest and best interface to work with is the cpanel. Cpanel is a wonderful interface, that shows all the different tools and information needed to maintain your website. If you are seriously thinking about getting Internet Website Hosting, then you have to make sure it has a cpanel.


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